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Calculated Fields Form Bundles!

The Calculated Fields Form is an easy and powerful form builder, perfect for novice, developers and experts alike.

The CFF bundles allows to extend the Calculated Fields Form plugin features, like the integration with multiple payment gateways, third party services, or the implementation of new components.

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Data Collector for Calculated Fields Form

It allows collecting the form data in the background as the user populates its fields, and sends this information to the administrator by email

RegExp for Calculated Fields Form

Includes predefined regular expressions you can use to validate the fields' values. Furthermore, allows you to add new regular expressions.

Square Checkout for Calculated Fields Form

The Square Checkout plugin, allows to integrate the Square payment gateway with the Calculated Fields Form

Unserializer for Calculated Fields Form

Includes the PHPUNSERIALIZE operation to unserialize PHP variables in the browser using Javascript.