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Data Collector

It allows you to insert a button on the form for users to save drafts of the form data and continue editing it in the future.

The "Draft for Calculated Fields Form" plugin allows you to insert a button on the form for users to save drafts of the form data and continue editing it in the future.

Some projects require building complex forms, with many fields, which users do not usually fill out in one go. And it is essential to have an alternative so that users can save the form data and continue editing it later. The "Draft Form to Calculated Fields" plugin is the tool that solves these situations, improving the user experience when completing complex forms.

A user who is filling in a form can press the "Save draft" button and close his browser. The next time the user visits the page containing the form its fields will be filled in with the draft values. This process is similar to press the save button in a Word document.

Once the form is submitted, the draft data should be automatically deleted.

The installation process of the "Draft for Calculated Fields Form" is similar to other plugins in WordPress, it requires to download the zip file with the plugin's code to your computer (visiting the download link provided after purchasing), and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Plugins section on your WordPress.
  2. Press the "Add New" button at the top of section.
  3. Press the "Upload Plugin" button, and then select the zipped file downloaded previously.
  4. Finally, install and activate the plugin.

The plugin generates the menu option "Calculate Fields Form > Data draft". The new page allows you to register the copy of the plugin to receive the updates directly on your WordPress instead of download and install them manually. Furthermore, through this page, you can deactivate the plugin completely, deleting its database and options, and configure the plugin to purge the outdated drafts.

To register the plugin go to the menu option: "Calculated Fields Form > Data Draft", enter the email address used to purchase the plugin, and then press the "Register" button.

Registration Page
Plugin Registration.

The settings page of the plugin includes a third section to delete the outdated drafts (or data copies):

Outdated Drafts
Outdated drafts.

Enter the number of days for considering a draft outdated through the "Delete old drafts" section, and press the "Save changes" button. If you leave the attribute empty, the drafts are never considered outdated.

The plugin adds a new section in the forms' settings, titled: "Data Draft".

Form's Settings
Form's Settings.

The settings area includes an unique attribute:

  • Enable Drafts: Tick the checkbox to enabled the data collector in the form.

To allow the users save temporary copies of their forms data, insert a button field in the form, and enter the draft text into its "Add CSS Layout Keywords Attribute".

Button Settings
Button Settings.
The plugin does not include in the drafts the "Upload File" or "Signature" fields.


Plugin Registration
Plugin Registration.
Outdated Drafts
Outdated Drafts.
Form's Settings
Form's Settings.
Button Settings
Button Settings.


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Version 1.0.0
Last updated 2021/04/14
Category Form Features


Php ≥ 7.0
free ≥ 1.0.415
CFF Professional ≥ 5.0.466
CFF Developer ≥ 5.0.528
CFF Platinum ≥ 10.0.618
Tested up to WP 5.7